About the owner

Hello everyone, my name is Crystal and everyone always calls me Kris-tale like the champagne and Lee cuz of my middle name; hence where Krystelle Lee was born.  
For those of you who are just now meeting me, thank you for being here. I am over 40 year old certified and published makeup artist. Sounds fancy right? I am just a girl who loves makeup. I started doing makeovers on the bus when I was 15 for my friends. I was inspired (jealous) by all those popular girls who were wearing Clinique in middle school; so I would bring clothes to change into and do my own. Being I wasn't allowed to wear makeup, I got very creative. 
Professionally I have been in the business for 10 years. I got my cosmetology license and then the makeup certification. 
Why Brushes? Why Now?
Well as a self proclaimed makeup snob, I am very picky about my brushes and my makeup in general. On the same note as someone who has struggled financially, I also know how important it is to chose my products wisely.  So as I would try affordable brushes and inexpensive ones, I just didn't have many I LOVED so I developed my first set as a boutique owner with no logos or brush names. Which would turn out to be such a big mistake but we all have growing pains.
I have never been so excited about something as much as I am about the launch of this new line. After much research I found a newer fiber that has better performance and even mimics natural hair with powder application.

Brushes will be the main focus of my business but as always everything you see on this site has been tried, tested and hand picked by me, for you.